1. Wear a business suit. The business suit lets them know this opportunity is important to you. It shows you are serious about the position.
  2. Please be sure to TURN OFF your cell phone. Any ringing or vibrating will take the focus of the interview off your interviewer.
  3. Prior to your interview please study their website. When they ask, “What do you know about us?” You’ll have something to say that will demonstrate your interest. Bring a few copies of your resume and a note pad to the interview.
  4. Start with a smile, eye contact, a friendly hello, and a handshake.
  5. Break the ice with comments about the weather. Be positive. “Where would we be without the rain?”
  6. Ask questions that focus on their needs. please remember to focus on their needs by asking questions. The most important questions are ones that will help you understand the job. Ask detailed questions about their technology, the position, their projects, their expectations… They will tell you exactly what they are seeking in a candidate. Once you understand what they want you can talk about your skills and experience in a way that’s directly relevant.
    Example Questions: (the questions you described to me were perfect)

    • What will I be doing on a day to day basis?
    • What will my first project be?
    • What tools do you use?
    • What are some of the objectives you would like to see accomplished in this job?
    • What would you like to have done in the next 3 months?
    • What are some of the more difficult problems one would have to face in this position?
  7. If they ask why you want to leave or why you want to leave your position, tell them what you told me.
  8. If the subject of money comes up, tell them what you told me. Suggest they should make you their best offer, and that you would probably take it.
  9. Before you leave the interview tell them that you want the job.
  10. AGAIN, Focus your questions on their needs. Find out what the job is and what they are looking for and what kinds of projects they have going (as stated above). Questions to avoid are questions about benefits, flextime, work from home policy, training, vacation time, career path, etc… These questions are important but until they make you an offer it doesn’t matter. If you spend too much time on you own “concerns” you won’t make a strong impression as somebody who can add to the team. Wait to get an offer, and if by then your concerns aren’t answered we’ll go back to them to clear things up.
  11. When you get home send a thank you note to each person that you met.